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Edo Rimpa painter
Japanese, (active 1850–0)
He inherited Hoitsu's private home in Edo. Studied under Nozaki Shinichi (1821-99). He painted Edo Rimpa style until middle Meiji. Many of his paintings were lost in the great earthquake.
— Roberts

Doitsu was the last of the genuine Rimpa painters. He lived into the Meiji period and, though he had a wonderful sense of composition, began to loose the patience and skill of Kiitsu. If you notice the one dominant stroke of grass which crosses the quail, you can see what happens when there are overlapping brush lines. Since these paintings must roll up for storage, the inks are very thin to avoid cracking. When two lines cross they make a darker spot which conflicts with the delicacy of the painting. A good painter would never do this. Also notice the spotty tarashikomi in the leaves; you can see that it does not spread as evenly as it would when painted by a more accomplished painter. This again is a sign of a lack of technical skill. Doitsu did have a wonderful sense of color and composition, but the coming of Western paints (which could hide the underpainting and allow for corrections) undermined the need to achieve such great technique.

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