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Hoitsu Sakai (aka Sakai Tadamoto)

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Hoitsu Sakai (aka Sakai Tadamoto) does not have an image.

Edo Rimpa Painter and Printmaker
Japanese, (active 1761–1828)
Rimpa painter. Born in Edo, second son of Lord Sakai of Himeji Castle in Harima Province. To Kyoto to study. An eclectic painting education: began in Kano school; then under Utagawa Toyoharu of the ukiyo-e school, Watanabe Nangaku of the Maruyama school, So Shiseki of the nanga school; finally on the advice of Tani Buncho, took up the Rimpa style. Also well versed in the classics, poetry, and the No. In 1797 became a Buddhist priest; spent the last 21 years of his life in seclusion, painting and studying the life and works of Korin. (From 1707 the Sakai family had supported Korin with a daily allowance for a number of years and had a large collection of his work.) Published two influential books— Korin Hyakazu (1815) and Kenzan Ibaku Gafu (1823)—of woodcuts after paintings by Korin and Kenzan, as well as a book of his own work, Oson Galu. His style owes something to the realism of Okyo, but much more to Korin's decorative manner, which he revived: a liquid style, with the dramatic contrasts of Korin combined with particularly clear colors, elegant and refined. -- Roberts, L. Dictionary of Japanese Artists (1980)

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