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Shiko Watanabe (aka Soshin)

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Edo Rimpa painter
Japanese, (1683–1755)
Painter. Lived in Kyoto. A ronin, became a retainer of the Konoe family in 1709, serving Prince Iehiro. Took up painting rather late in life. First studied under a Kano artist; tben became a follower of Korin and one of his most important pupils. Also collaborated with Kenzan; his go Soshin appears on the back of some of Kenzan's pottery. Could also work in the Tosa manner, reserving this for emaki. Used the Kano style for landscapes, the Rimpa style (which with him was more naturalistic, less essentially decorative than with Korin) for kochoga. Much esteemed by Okyo. A mild and elegant painter, with a splendid sense of color. -- Roberts, L. Dictionary of Japanese Artists (1980)

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