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Doshin Kaigetsudo (aka Doshin)

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Doshin Kaigetsudo (aka Doshin) does not have an image.

Edo Ukiyoe painter
Japanese, b. 18th c.
A school of painters and printmakers working in the ukiyo-e style, specializing in largescale paintings and prints of courtesans. It is generally assumed that Ando was the founder of this school and that his style was closely copied by a small group of artists all using the name Kaigetsudo in their signatures. So closely do the paintings and the few rare prints that remain resemble each other that it was formerly assumed that the various signatures were all names of the same artist. Closer study, however, has convinced scholars that the names Anchi Do'.an, Doshin, Doshu, and Doshu represent different artists and that their use of the name Kaigetsudo followed by characters meaning "last leaf" indicates that they were .Ando's pupils or followers. -- Roberts, L. Dictionary of Japanese Artists (1980)

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