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Signitures and Seals

A seal or someone's signature never makes a painting beautiful; it can though make it more famous. They are included here so if anyone cares to study them, they may. The seals are all attempted to be placed in the program, in this section, at actual size. By using a image program such as photo shop, it is possible to make one seal transparent and therefore can be placed over another to prove a perfect match.

There are two major types of seals, Intaglio and Relief. Intaglio is where the imagery is carved into the seal, leaving an uncolored mark when pressed. A Relief seal is where the medium of the seal is carved away, leaving the imaginary protruding and therefore leaving the color on the painting. Jakuchu's round seal is a relief seal. Some paintings will have both type seals carved upon it; and even some seals will have both techniques used upon the same seal.

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