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Ito Jakuchu is widely classified as an Eccentric. He was not. He was placed within this category (in fact there probably would not even be an eccentric school if not for him) simply because of his talent, Jakuchu himself once wrote "Many artists paint with skill but I go beyond skill; this is what makes me different." So different in fact that no one knew where to place him; so, they created the eccentric school. Of the three major artists included in the school, only Shohaku could truthfully be called eccentric. His wild compositions and unique expressions alone would qualify his inclusion. Rosetsu, the other participant in the three eccentrics, like Jakuchu, was just too great an artist and he therefore outgrew the tutelage of his master, Okyo. Once he left the Maruyama Shijo school, founded by Okyo, he too inexplicitly was relegated as an eccentric.

I have arbitrarily included in this school two followers of Jakuchu; Hakusai supposedly his brother, and Jakuen - an obscure helper who assumed the Ito family name , and also developed Jakuchu's skill with the brush, but not the ability to transcend nature. Nichokuan is included simply because Shohaku claimed to be descended from his family; and Jagyoku Sangin is also included because I too just don't know where to categorize him.

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