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In the early days (1953 to 1963) of accumulating this collection, there was no attempt to focus upon one specific country or origin. It was only after meeting my future wife, Etsuko, that the little squiggles with red seals in the corners were explained. It became apparent that I had only appreciated an art from Japan, only one period, Edo, covering 250 years; and most surprising of all, predominantly only six artists ; Jakuchu,Hoitsu, Kiitsu, Sosen, Rosetsu and Shohaku. These six still
dominate the collection but over the last 35 years it has been expanded to encompass their schools, compatriots and followers.

These specific artists of the Edo priod, painted mostly in a pure Japanese taste. You will notice throughout this collection
a lack of the Nanga style; this was a school which prided itself in trying to imitate the literati artists of China. They prided themselves in trying to hide their skill in the stroke of their brush and therefore eliminated from their art the part I appreciated the most.

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